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When I walk by Bowker Creek...

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A collective poem co-created in community at the Creekside Concert on July 4th, 2020. Poetry facilitated by Serap Brown.

When I walk by Bowker Creek,

I stop.

I think if the hidden water under the streets that I thought I knew.

I remember the 1969 grad notebook that I flung into the creek

between the school and Hampshire.

The silence can silence the silence; holy is the name of Dog.

I remember a true love lost, intention a new love beginning.

I know that life is love.

When I walk by Bowker creek,

Cold water over my toes as swooping birds come and go.

I think of the crawdad that I found 6 years ago.

I breathe in the relief of stillness in the middle of the city,

I feel a connection to the land.

When I walk by Bowker Creek,

It surprises me.

I slow and soften.

I love living in this community.

When I sit by Bowker Creek,

I see the water bringing life to the nature as it passes through.

My soul becomes lighter, and all troubles dissolve.

When I sit at Bowker Creek,

the child in me awakens and gets lost in the magic of running waters.

I dream of hearing the old song of cementless creeks,

Murmle, murmle, murmle.

I feel myself transported back in time, forward in time…. I feel time stand still.

A sweet escape from concrete is revealed, to us both.

I feel my soul soar.

When I listen to Bowker Creek,

I wonder what the ancestors hear, what the water feels,

and how many know about this hidden treasure.

When I listen to Bowker Creek,

I hear a gentle chuckle

I hear laughter.

I dream of the day the salmon can come back,

the day the creek is clean and welcoming as this home must and should be.

I feel it is ancient.

Poetry facilitated by: Serap Brown

Creekside Concerts are presented by: The Friends of Bowker Creek Society ( and Tune Your Ride (

More info about Creekside Concerts:

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