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I Feel a Sense of Healing When...

Below poem was co-created internationally on Oct 3, 2021, in remembrance of the hundreds of lost lives discovered at residential schools in North America. Thus, the event took place during the week of Orange Shirt Day, which is September 30th.

I feel a sense of healing when

I am seen.

I feel safe…

When voices and hearts come together

in poetry and song.

Singing together without words,

we find words of truth,

finally truth and words of hope.

Suppressed teardrops shape into a heart to absorb droplets of words

that give meaning once they fall into the hearts of others.

I feel a sense of healing when

I breath ocean air.

My song is known already by the creeks and rivers,

I remember nothing really true will ever die or fade away...

The land sparkles her invitation to use her medicines.

I feel a sense of healing when

a child’s face lifts my gratitude

the stones of dread in my heart

begin to dance to the songs of longing.

My heart bursts open like a flower

its bud was hiding from my view

The sorrow I feel is diminished

by the ocean of love that drowns me,

again and again.

I feel a sense of healing when

I am seen

and seeing becomes knowing

and knowing becomes connecting.

I feel a sense of healing when

my mind turns off and my heart opens up.

When truths are revealed and

hearts are opened, changed and mended.

My body remembers that we are all ONE.

Poetry and the Pandemic(s), organized and co-hosted by:

Serap Brown & Budd Hall. Social Movement Poets Collective, Victoria, Canada.

Guest Poet: Barb Thomas

Poem co-created by: Serap Brown, Mehtap Burak, Mary Ann Fenimore, Budd Hall, Lily Mckay-Carriere, Michelle Muir, Debra Roberts, Barb Thomas, Daniela Vance, Sara Zandevakili, Hussein Zandevakili.

Poem facilitation and photo by: Serap Brown

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