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When I See Water...

The below poem, When I See Water, was collectively written by the students of INDG 270.6 class taught by Lily McKay-Carriere in the Cree Teacher Education Program in Saskatchewan, on 18 March 2021. Writing the poem was facilitated by the guest lecturer Serap Brown.

With gratitude to Water.

For the World Water Day, 2021.

When I see Water…

When I see water,

I feel connected.

I feel content.

I feel peace, I feel calm.

It relieves my anxiety and refreshes my soul.

When I see water,

I feel like jumping in or just floating away with the current

I am happy because I get to fish it provides as food

I see it as a way of life - the food we get from it.

When I see water,

I am reminded that we are the keepers of the water

Water is Life, where ever there's water there is Life.

When I touch water,

I feel connected to the land.

I feel unity.

When I touch water, I am strong.

When I drink water,

I feel refreshed, hydrated and healthy.

I cleanse my body and soul.

It soothes, relaxes, quenches,

It gives me life, revitalizes me.

I feel it in my heart

Ninanāskomon- I am grateful

When I hear the sound of water,

I envision the fish in the water

I feel at peace.


I envision the roaring Saskatchewan river flowing through Cumberland House

Kisāspin nipētēn nipiy, niminōgwāmin–

If I hear water, I have a good sleep.

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