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I Feel Community...

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Corona Collection: A collective poem, co-created internationally on Nov 08, 2020


When I think of my mother plucking geese and ducks that my dad killed.

Feathers white, grey, iridescent floating in the air

And later into my pillow and winter bedding.

I feel community

When the light shines and my heart warms

When the neighbour's dog barks behind the fence

When I hug my neighbour's child

When we get together on a warm summer night, sharing stories,

Stories of wisdom and love

I feel community

When I meet my neighbor on the street and we stop

With generous time to comment on the turning leaves and the vacation she can't take this year. When our dogs touch noses and they lie together on the grass.

When my neighbor asks again, as she always does, how my kids are doing in this time of isolation and restraint.

They are fine, they are good, I say.

Their community lives online and they are super connected.

As connected as the two of us in the sun on the sidewalk.

I feel community

when I light a candle to pray for my friend whose daughter has gone missing.

Her anguish and loss is mine to hold as I pray to the Creator to locate the missing.

Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women are close to our hearts

But all we have is hope to give.

I feel community

When I am embraced by the love of my loved ones

When I can hear and be heard-

I feel community

Poetry and the Pandemic, organized and co-hosted by:

Serap Brown & Budd Hall. Social Movement Poets Collective, Victoria, Canada.

Photo by Serap Brown.

Poem facilitated by: Budd Hall, Guest Poet (

Collective poem by: Serap Brown, Lily McKay Carriere, Budd Hall, Nkatha Mercy, Lesley Marian Neilson, Atefeh Zargarzadeh.

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