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Drinking A Glass of Water

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Serap's reflections/ Oct 30, 2018

I hear the rain with all its strength outside, on a dark autumn night.

I am just ready to drink a clean glass of water that I have poured from a clear glass container. Respectful and curious, I look at water, this clear and transparent liquid, that will travel through my body. I then think about its preciousness and valuable journey in and through my system.

My body will first say “yes” to this very amazing liquid that we are made out of and part of. Water will then go through my mouth to travel through my digestive system, bringing the very essential minerals that my body needs to function properly. The minerals that I cannot see in this clear liquid and yet know their necessity. My whole body, including my nerves, blood, lungs, bones in my system, is waiting for this very special glass of water to continue its function. Water is my life.

I imagine people seeking clean water, walking miles and miles to reach to the source and carrying this very precious liquid back home. I look at this glass of water thinking about the source: the fresh and clean deep blue lake, that I visited in the middle of a forest close to the city we live in. I then think about the rain at the source of Seine River that we had encountered; clean, pure and abundant. I sense the freshness of big droplets coming down to the earth through a rain storm from the sky and joining in to the body of water bubbling out of the crust of earth to form a creek. I imagine water’s journey on earth, in and through the ground, via streams, rivers, ocean and travelling far, far away. The minerals that water carries along via rivers that earth needs are the same minerals that my body needs. I imagine the oxygen it requires and brings to sustain life on earth. Water is life.

I look at water in clear glass container. I hear the rain with all its strength outside, on a dark autumn night. I think about how precious water is. I feel grateful about being able to drink a glass of water.

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