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Our Collective Hope

Corona Collection: A collective poem, co-created internationally on June 13, 2020


Hope tastes like a good bread of truth

when empty optimism fails

like Mangoes

open sliced

awaiting my mouth.

Hope sounds like rain

on the roof during a lonely night.

Hope smells like plants

opening up after the rain,

breathing fresh life into the world.

Hope feels like…

a movement of the heart

at the end of the world

the fresh air dancing on my skin

like a warm blanket,

wrapping me all around.

Hope looks like a long, wide road,

going up to the sky,

…an open sky of infinite possibilities

like a dreamer's dream becoming clear

then dim

then clear,

but ever present

and revealing a loving heart

Like dancing

through the cracks of a collapsing dead system,


celebrating the new that I can't see yet

Hope is the return of swallows

Hope rises in potent silence

Hope is a giant on whose shoulders you stand

to shout out truth

and to see the way it ripples

into the landscape of humanity

to create a world of love.

Poetry and the Pandemic, organized and co-hosted by:

Serap Brown & Budd Hall. Social Movement Poets Collective, Victoria, Canada.

Photo by Serap Brown

Poem facilitated by: Lee Wilson, Guest Poet

Poem co-created by: Serap Brown, Thérèse Gariepy, Budd Hall, Gracelynn Lau, Maeve Lydon, Irma Alicia Flores Hinojos, Roger Langen, Lily McKay-Carriere, Kieran Magzul, Kathleen Mandeville, David Monk, Jill Olesker, Cathy Sturgeon, Lee Wilson.

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