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I said to My Soul...

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Corona Collection: A collective poem, co-created internationally on May 16, 2020

I said to my soul,

be calm and wait,

Wait just wait.

Be calm and patient.

You are the bees that buzz.

Listen. Be still and tune yourself into the thrum, outside and in.

I said to my soul: Wait just wait,

For what needs to be born

and accept that beautiful gift.

The hummingbird that alights on air.

Listen to the earth your Mother.

This is not a time of death

but a time of life,

you have the connection within

to reach out, to spread love

into an atmosphere of fear.

Be the anchor the world needs

to find its way

out of the seeming darkness.

Wake up, the sun is dancing in

through your window.

I said to my soul,

feel the coming and going

as it happens organically,

everything is written

but there are no rules,

have fun.

You are the wind that rustles

through the autumn leaves.

Drink from the river that you are.

Where could you be

Without the face.

I said to my soul,

that the whales are longing

to dance with you,

ten thousands years ago

we were together, one with the water.

Trust that everything will be all right.

In quietness is rest

what are you,

where are you,

let’s continue

embrace this new grandchild and whisper to her to believe tapweta (believe) that there is mino-pimatisiwin (a good life) always in the heart of our Creator, for you.

I hear your silent song You are everything. You are light.

Poetry and the Pandemic, organized and co-hosted by:

Serap Brown & Budd Hall, Social Movement Poets Collective, Victoria, Canada.

Photo by Serap Brown.

Poem facilitated by: Filiz Telek, Guest Poet

Poem co-created by: Linda Allison, Sujan Bhattacharrya, Serap Brown, Mehtap Burak, Alan Chaffe, Mariana Fernandez, Budd Hall, Jude Fransman, Gracelynn Lau, Maeve Lydon, Lily McKay-Carriere, Kieran Magzul, Nkatha Mercy, David Monk, Jill Olesker, Lisa Richardson, Filiz Telek, Daniela Vance.

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