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Corona Collection: Adapted

Updated: May 22, 2020

By Serap Brown/ 12 May 2020

No strategies are needed.

One way or another, We all have adapted.

What were the feelings? Anxiety, fear or confusion? Was there space for grief?

While travelling on a silent train, In a tunnel of total darkness, Moving towards no station,

Plenty of “how to” recipes, Fell apart. They now seem old. Motivations. Disappeared. Stillness, slowness, Nothingness Appeared. No strategies are needed,

We all have adapted. With our inner wisdom.

New situation and new virus were as unknown as the deep ocean. Habits changed. They had to change. I see the neighbors’ child. Running towards me for a hug. He then stops, Looks at his mother. I run towards him. I then stop, Look at the sky. Trying not to cry. How much I would want to hug him now.

While travelling on a silent train, Moving in total darkness. Inner wisdom, inner strength, Most foreign to fast paced, high demanding lifestyle have risen up.

I have become a child again, In this new silent world. My learned ways of knowing, Somehow do not fit. Instead, What my grandmothers knew, the old ways of knowing are coming back to life. Ancient wisdom has become my guide.

No strategies are needed. One way or another. We have all adapted.

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